Crítica de la película El Hijo

A magnificent perversion of the Superman myth.

Also James Gunn, producer of the film, has a lot of experience with the superhero genre. Not only has directed the first two installments of Guardians of the Galaxy, also prepares the third and the sequel to Suicide Squad, without forgetting Super, a movie that mocks on vigilantes with mask from 2010 that made us laugh a lot. This film is more serious, but Gunn has been very close to the project all the way, which gives the film that black humor and irreverent tone that his first films had, the least unknown but the wildest. And also with all the knowledge treasured by the director, here producer, from his time doing superhero movies, which means that the film is not merely a joke.

Imagine the story of Superman, which could be his evil version from the comic books for example, but with a slight, or maybe huge, change. The child who falls from the sky in a ship, adopted by a family of farmers in Kansas and that soon discovers that he has incalculable powers (the same as Superman) is not our savior, but has come to end all those who oppose him, maybe in his way to become a tyrant who will dominate us all. That is what the film proposes and knows how to overcome the initial story anecdote to create an universe of rich and interesting characters, led by that inexhaustible mother who is Elizabeth Banks, but without forgetting her resigned husband, David Denman, or Gregory Alan Williams as the sheriff ...