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Jack Reacher ****

Miguel Juan Payán 03 Ene 2013
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Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise is in top form in this intriguing quality with spectacular action sequences.

The Usual Suspects writer gets behind the camera to film a character who meets all topics of vigilante action film mixed with the creatures of the type thrillers bestseller, Jack Reacher. The result is an entertaining suspense film directed with great credit as a breakout product quality in respecting the essential keys to genre but adding an elegant finish them even in their most thrilling action scenes.

In other words: Jack Reacher is not a film of the bunch of intrigue that usually offers us every season American cinema, but has elements that put it in league breakout product quality. Well conceived. I remember that film police intrigue and conspiracies of the seventies you were going to do to get away but also respected you as a spectator and got hooked by its perfect finish. I'm thinking right now in movies like Bullit, Three Days of the Condor, The Parallax View, The Outfit, The Thomas Crown Affair ... In short, a kind of film which provided entertainment without evasion and vigilant with regard to quality. In other words, Jack Reacher film reminds me of intrigue before time when the genre was finally lost in the way of visual spectacle and preferred to forget creating interesting characters and situations. That film seventies precisely defined to contain few action scenes, but very worked and forceful. Thus unfolds its Jack Reacher action sequences, including a car chase sequence can dramatically remind us of Steve McQueen in Bullitt, but making the pursuer is pursued simultaneously, so that they engage in the sequence three moving parts, the more difficult. Furthermore sequences melee are perfectly, no quick cuts or impossible stunts in this succession of street fighting. Only strokes among participants, with a very special style of fighting developed in Spain that applies with particular forcefulness Cruise.

Another feature of this great intrigue and action films of the seventies, was the creation of consistent villains, capable of earning their role in history with very little time on screen presence. That is also true in Jack Reacher, where the German director Werner Herzog becomes a pleasant surprise as an actor after being a teacher for years behind the scenes in films like Aguirre the Wrath of God, Nosferatu and Fitzcarraldo. Herzog's work playing the big bad of this intriguing narrative is exemplary and his character has some points in common with that remains one of the great creations of film director, Ralph McQuarrie, as a writer, the mysterious and sinister Kaiser Soze in The Usual Suspects. Herzog That character also serves as an excellent example of the good results that can be obtained in a more conventional plot apparently when working on creating interesting characters from the beginning in the scriptwriting stage. The same applies to the protagonist himself, a character that seemed impossible to get the topic but this film gives a personality that goes beyond the clichés of the most common narrative in the field of the bestseller.

Possibly the most interesting feature of Jack Reacher is the work they do both the director and screenwriter, McQuarrie, as the protagonist and producer, Cruise, to take what they want most of the character of the original novels and turn it into something else. The film versions should always develop your own personality and visual narrative against the original sources of the stories that start. It is not a right but an obligation of the film even compared to literature or other sources of inspiration. In this plot, I think the work of Jack Reacher adaptation surpasses the original in that it is based without denying its essential elements. That's the key: it respects the spirit, but the main character has enriched themselves with references made by those responsible for the film version. Reacher has been built so far to Cruise, who with this work in my opinion confirms the recovery of his career as a star that began in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. But well is adorned with characteristics of western mythology: a nomad, and in the film version is much closer to the wandering gunman recreations of western. That makes it much more interesting cross between character and plot than in the novel could be more conventional.

And accompanying all these elements and a well constructed script, Jack Reacher opens with a sniper sequence where the director throws the rest with regard to creating visual suspense own intense intrigue of Alfred Hitchcock. It was feared that after starting the movie so powerful could not maintain the tone, but McQuarrie is smart enough to tell his story to the tone not only not falling, but you gain even progresses even greater interest in building their intrigue, alternating physical action and chase with other moments of intense intrigue and disturbing, as the interview of lawyer played by Rosamund Pike with the father of one of the victims, the attack suffered by the protagonist in the home of a suspect or adjustment account of the villain with one of his servants.

Miguel Juan Payán


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