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Bumblebee ★★★

Bumblebee ★★★

Bumblebee movie review

One of the best films of the Transformers franchise.

One of the best films of the Transformers franchise. Possibly it is not the most expensive or the one with the best visual effects, nor scenes as huge as the previous ones because of the special effects or the grandiloquence of Michael Bay’s cinema. But it is undoubtedly the best written and possibly best interpreted, also taking advantage of the visual talent of its director, Travis Knight, responsible for the magnificent Kubo and the Two Strings, accompanied on this occasion in the script by Christina Hodson, one of the most required writers of Hollywood this days, which shows here her talent and is also responsible for the Batgirl and Birds of Prey scripts. If something similar to Bumblebee comes out of those movies … we are in good hands, truth be told.

The film takes us to 1980, first to Cybertron, home of the Transformers, in the middle of a war and an escape flight, the Autobots looking to regroup to continue the fight another day. So Bumblebee ends up in our world, where his path meets with a young teenager who wants to have her first car, and who continues to mourn the death of her father, while the Decepticons are dangerously close to our world too. The film knows how to take advantage of its simple plot and friendly characters so that a story, full of clichés, is simple, fun and very personal. The story of friendship between Bumblebee and the protagonist is much more emotional, honest and credible than what was seen in the previous films. Especially because it does not have hysterical parents, for example … Look for greater simplicity … but with clichés, of course.

The fact that Hailee Steinfeld is the protagonist helps a lot with the development of the character that as we say has too many clichés, especially in the matter of the father and the relationship with her family, but when there is talent the gaps are filled and some perspective is added to the character, who grows throughout the story, many times thanks to the look of the young star. There is also Len Cariou out there, and a very funny John Cena, and the film knows how to control the romantic aspect, almost as if it were a joke, not an important element of the plot, because it is not. He laughs about it, and brings more humor than in the previous films…

And for fans of the original Marvel comics of the 80s or the animation series… Now we can say that we have it. I have always defended the Transformers saga as what it is, pure brainless entertainment with many special effects and a lot of explosion. Now, it has never been Transformers. They were big robots, yes. But here, at last, they remind us of the original designs of comics and animation, something that we owe to the wonderful prologue for example (being able to see Arcee, Wheeljack, Prowl, Soundwave … it’s wonderful, and with its original designs), thanks to script and the design work of the director and his people, who also shines in smaller action scenes at the lowest budget, but much cleaner, better filmed than some of the ones proposed by Bay. In short, a spin off that gives new life to the saga in addition to being the closest in body and soul to that on which it is based.

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