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Grand Piano ****

Grand Piano ****Grand Piano, exemplary exercise of intrigue with spare keys to amuse the viewer.
Eugenio Mira´s Grand Piano lapped perfect tribute to the movies of Alfred Hitchcock. In fact the film is like an extension of one of the mythical sequences thriller Psycho director : the end of the second version of The Man Who Knew Too Much to star in James Stewart and Doris Day. Look at the pool is pulled into a deadly triple that expands the maximum fragment incorporating mood Hitchcock wove the many displays of his films have filmed one of the fragments of musical theater ‘s most disturbing film history. Eugenio Mira does the same taking full advantage of its dual preparation as director and musician, you can get around with the same security and the same reckless, like a tightrope walker bent on breaking all records of boldness to when mixing both worlds. The goal of providing a show of intrigue and tension the viewer what putting leftover meets a movie screen that fits perfectly with a certain kind of films that the epicenter of the plot is in the very situation which the characters live. Powerfully settled in the brilliance of his filming and editing, these films is a suspense film tradition, and show just some of the masterpieces of Alfred Hitchcock: Lifeboat , Rope , Rear Window . In addition, such proposals have found their intrigue prominent among public tastes more recently, as confirmed by the good reception of films like Buried, directed by the producer of Grand Piano, Rodrigo Cortés, or Gravity.
Look Grand Piano offers much in common with those other films escapism and entertainment to a spectator to be recovered for the theater room and big screen. Because these films are conceived and earn much enjoyed the ritual of the dark room in the company of others, especially if we consider that your argument takes place almost entirely during the celebration of a concert, so that Mira has been busy that enjoyed in cinemas, this film allows us to integrate ourselves as spectators in this interpretation of the protagonist, a concert pianist, where anything can happen as pinpoints the parts that make up his repertoire  facilitating the breaking of the fourth wall: we viewers as deadly as their own concert spectators attending the concert film. And that game can´t be reproduced in whole than in a movie theater , as we can´t attend the exciting space adventure Gravity Sandra Bullock in a complete way unless we live in a movie theater and a large screen.
So I think the film also Eugenio Mira noted for his tenacity when returning to the cinema not only his qualities as a machine of suspense, but the relationship between cinema and the viewer knows still enjoy theater projection conditions which was conceived by its creators. Put more simply : you have to go see Grand Piano in the movies, because only then we can get the most out of the crazy and mad symphony that proposes Eugenio Mira, which at one point of the plot seems to merge as a director with the concert played by Elijah Wood.
What we propose Eugenio Mira, as at the time we proposed the other titles mentioned in this review or commentary, is a celebration party of film as an opportunity to escape essential quality , respecting the audience and knowing that the first obligation of the filmmaker is entertain the audience.
That , again, we can only greet Watch as an artist who also has the guts and complicate your life and into orchards visual trick of playing the more difficult. Grand Piano is pure cinema, nothing less.
Miguel Juan Payan


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