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Oz, the Great and Poweful ****

Oz, the Great and Poweful ****

Oz, the Great and Powerful, the best 3D since Avatar. Good family entertainment.

Much better than Tim Burton´s Alice in Wonderland, more fun, with James Franco gives a good atmosphere around the picaresque story with a tone in one of his best works, Oz the Great and Powerful account with one of the best starts in history we’ve seen this year, visually imaginative, interesting narrative, worked very well as bait to trap us in a plot that takes the best advantage of the three-dimensional images and honors both the novels and the movie The Wizard of Oz fantastic proposal updating them for today’s audience.

One of the strengths of the script is to maintain that the protagonist sarcastically, ultimately faced a tangle of three sisters, the witches of history, whose family dispute over the power fails completely involve you in this crusade. Is that what makes this character buy Wizard of Oz in key reluctant hero and anti-hero at times even recalcitrant. The skin of this character is the same as the Rhett Butler of Gone with the Wind and Star Wars Han Solo, which is quite a find to keep us hooked on a story with his sumptuous and brilliant visual display. The real magic is in your images. In Oz, a fantasy world also live three films, and two of them will win the game in a positive turn negative. The visual display and sarcastic approach the central character, the sense of humor of his fellow adventurers (monkey with wings and porcelain doll), you win the game in a positive to the weakest part of the proposal, which is this power struggle very topical and predictable, with characters somewhat stereotypical of the three sisters, who are the least interesting part of the film.

That’s why the entire first half, approximately one hour and twenty film, I think the best we’ve seen this year in a key theater fantastic story, but as it approaches the end, after the visit of the Witch deformed and broom kingdom of Glinda the Good and path of confrontation between the two main factions, the issue becomes much more predictable. However, even at that stage more predictable and repetitive final battle, army against army, this movie wins by a landslide to the proposal that Tim Burton did with Alice in Wonderland.

But even that last part contains some elements more predictable and curious moments and also in the same the most stereotypical of the three witches are well defended by the actresses responsible for giving life to these characters less flexible than the Wizard of Oz and its auxiliary (monkey, doll). So I really do not lose all interest in the film, they get to stay within it. And that’s an achievement considering that this is a footage that exceeds two hours ten minutes in no time decay of the story really pace thanks to the accumulation of new characters almost continuously.

Add to what I liked about the film to the flying monkeys, fearsome creatures that get a touch of terror to impose interesting in this whole story that convinces me 80 percent of your footage and only at the end, in his third act, decays, without totally losing my attention, in order to bring closure in my opinion should have been something less conformist and predictable, less attached to the closure of more conventional formula of history. To have a third act as visually imaginative and provocative narrative as his starter could have been easily to a five-star film, given that, as I said, from the technical point of view, visual imagination and in the use of 3D I think this movie is one of the best proposals.

I’ll say it clearer: even with his relative weakness in the outcome, which confirms what I said when Sam Raimi directed Spiderman: after Darkman has a worrying tendency to not be as punk as it was in the Evil Dead saga, and tends to get carried away by the romantic outburst-wimp, Oz, convinced me and I had a good time watching it.

Miguel Juan Payán


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