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The Amazing Spiderman 2: the Power of Electro ***

The Amazing Spiderman 2: the Power of Electro. Weaker than the previous and somewhat repetitive. Too many words, and for my taste, action is missing. It’s worse than The Amazing Spiderman, and although it remains, for my taste, better than Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 3 by Sam Raimi, but also remains below Spiderman 2, which is in my eyes the best of the three movies starring Tobey Maguire. To locate the film I have to also clarify that for my taste is well below the other recent premiere of superhero cinema, Captain America, the Winter Soldier, which unlike this quite improved the previous film at base of seeking new ways to develop the character on the big screen, reinforcing with what could be called «spirit Avengers» in its proposal. Does anything like that in the case of The Amazing Spiderman 2: the power of Electro, that, on the contrary, falls into the trap of recur. First is repeated with regard to the relationship of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, which really does not tells us nothing that was not already raised in the previous film. In fact, in The Amazing Spiderman, that relationship, as I explained in my review on these same pages, was the best that was in its proposal. Pity that, on this occasion, have failed to make it to evolve to incorporate really new elements. The script also adds nothing new to May Parker. Same simplistic speeches, same looks dog beaten… It is more or less the same as we saw in the first film. Along with that repetition, immobility or inability to evolve from what already counted in the first film, the script presents a series of «coincidences» Deus ex Machina that make evolve the plot to shoving. On the other hand very common defect in cinema of our time, where many things happen and not spoken anything, he talks too much or it says absolutely nothing interesting. Until appears Harry Osborn – the best of the film, the film weakens rhythm. Among other things because Jamie Foxx  is a serious mistake of casting. That role required a Will Smith, and the great villain of delivery does not work. Electro and everything that surrounds that character reminded me a lot to the very failed Batman and Robin of Joel Schumacher, with the role played by Arnold Schwarzenegger: many pyrotechnic visual but pure waste. The script has an interesting central idea, explained from his scene of action of prologue on the plane with the parents of Peter, which incidentally have some pie because it is visually closer to the prologue of the adventure 007 Moonraker (but without the funny Richard Kiel) that of the much more recent sequence air opening scene from The Dark Knight Rises. The issue is the legacy of the fathers to the children. The father lost to Peter’s legacy. The legacy of the promise requires the captain Stacy Peter clogging romance with Gwen. The legacy of Norman Osborn to his son Harry. That idea proposed in the prologue, disappears during the first half of the film to reiterate issues already addressed in the previous film, and does not recover until the second half of the film, when they have already lost our attention dizzy us with sentimental tangle of Parker and Gwen. Against the proposal of film-comic that is Captain America, the Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spiderman 2: the power of Electro, returns to Comic-cinema of the weaker species. The tangle for power in Oscorp developed so awkwardly that it is widely surpassed by their equivalents in Wayne industries of Nolan’s Batman saga and even intrigue with Summer Glau in industries Queen in the television Arrow series, he seems to want to add an interesting intrigue but not just develop. It is appear Dane De Hann as Harry and Colm Feore and the thing gains in interest automatically. I think that the visual resolution of the creation of Electro and the Goblin is very flat, no relevance, very Batman-Schumacher style, rather than the style Batman-Burton or Batman-Nolan. There is a scene that promises, walk through the Hall showcases Oscorp that anticipates the spinoff of The Sinister Six, or the final moment with the Rhino, I have clear have gotten to sell dolls and Spiderman costumes to the children, but also seems to me that it is the tone that should have had the rest of the film. So, as a final explanation, let me clarify that I think that fighting with Electro and the Green Goblin have no epic that has that final moment with Rhino, which is what this movie is desperately needed.

Miguel Juan Payán



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