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The Last Stand ***

The Last Stand ***

The last stand. Arnold Schwarzengger returns to action with a powerful key proposal in modern western
The first thing that came to mind when I started watching The last stand was the western movies that starred John Wayne in the last stage of his career, titles like The Undefeated, Chisum, Cahill U.S. Marshall or The Train Robbers, in which the veteran action movie star exploited his image as an icon of the genre in arguably very simple story, but with a clear jurisdiction to entertain. The ultimate challenge of copy that formula films of last season with John Wayne Rio Bravo scheme but the spirit of this remake, El Dorado.

Schwarzenegger holds here, relatively speaking, the location of epicenter of the plot to occupy those Wayne, holding his character by his mere presence, giving the veteran has career behind him, able to ensure that some of her scenes work simply because he is who he is, and probably would not work in the hands of another actor.

It is also part of this formula we saw in the last movie star John Wayne surround the iconic that a competent cast of actors that support the secondary characters and even tucking involving the actor. In this function we find another veteran like Forrest Whitaker, who brings his talents to the simple scheme giving stronger argument from the standpoint of interpretative work with ethnic villain whom the Spanish Eduardo Noriega gets carried beyond the topical nature which it was initially conceived. Some might watching this film from the surface, with prejudice because it is the return of Schwarzgenegger to starring roles in films rush into conclusions and not valued as it should the remarkable work of construction of secondary characters. Along with the above so far are in supporting roles to Jamie Alexander, actress whose career should go on the rise and we expect to have greater role in the second installment of Thor, Peter Stormare in a typical villain who lends nuances that only possible agents of their experience, Luis Guzman, Rodrido Santoro, Johnny Knoxville, Zach Gilford and Genesis Rodriguez live with a very special personality their contributions to the story, to make it something more than just Schwarzenegger reunited with his audience unconditional pulling the trigger on a return to its point of nostalgia for the movies of the eighties, although at times it may seem that we are seeing a Commando sequel in which the protagonist has got recycled as sheriff of a small American town.

The other element to consider is the personality of the director in this return of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kim Jee-Won is an excellent choice to acquire the ultimate challenge in its own right as action film beyond its nature as a project designed for the showcasing of its protagonist. The first news we had of this Korean director in the Spanish billboard was his curious approach to the genre of a key ghosts haunting intrigue in Two sisters, but then gave us one of the most fun and carefree original samples recycling and tribute spaghetti western in The Good, the Bad and the Weird and another trip to the sinister and disturbing with I saw the devil. These three films are a guarantee that the director knows how to deal with arguments widely used formulas and imaginatively. Without detracting from the dress codes as to exploit the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger manages to incorporate elements of the film away what could have been a monologue more predictable and less dynamic.

On a more anecdotal are the criticisms against the film can reach the exhibition and even quasi promotional possession and use of firearms, including some of his scenes, and more specifically an joke with well-armed granny, the Mrs. Salazar «doing justice.» These sequences have to be put in the context of the true nature of the film, which is essentially a western chronologically misplaced, contemporary. Is action film with all the consequences, among which that kind of worship by force as part of the genre since the early days of silent movies. But that may not be enough to keep the movie arouse any negative comments from the ranks of political correctness that is prey to some kind of controversy at a time when regulating guns is hot topic in American society.

Miguel Juan Payán


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