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AntMan ****

AntMan ****Ant-Man: a great surprise that expands efficiently the Marvel Universe in cinema.

I put four stars are deserving playing in their league and fun escapist cinema (I also read Sartre, but I do not happen while I’m watching a superhero movie) because I think one of the products more competent in their formula. 1. Great advantage to Michael Douglas. I feared another application of the formula Obi Wan Kenobi, with Douglas as a secondary star, guest star, stellar cameo or similar. Such as the contribution of Anthony Hopkins in The Mask of Zorro. Quite the contrary. Moreover style protagonist contribution of Sean Connery in The Rock. Here is Michael Douglas as protagonist and Paul Rudd himself. And it is very well used from the first moment on the screen until the last. The character grows with the story, showing that it has much more travel beyond the end of the film, which has much more to tell. Good sign. Douglas has a solid Hank Pym and also, this is another great success, very well recreated the mythology of the original character of comics, the idea of ​​scientific tortured. A contribution of Robert Redford level in Captain America winter soldier, with more prominence. 2. Evangeline Lilly is no mere ornament, not a simple addition of the male characters. Instead responds to the type of heroine of the Marvel movies, independent, competent and decisive. An equivalent of the Black Widow Scarlett Johansson for the future. Hope Van Dyne also works very well in that conflict with Hank Pym, making the most juice to good chemistry with Evangeline Lylly and Michael Douglas on the screen (in a similar situation the relationship Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Mask of Zorro was more topical and offered less developed). 3. Paul Rudd is revealed as the perfect actor to move deftly between comedy and superhero genre giving credibility to a character in the process of redemption which always moves along the razor’s edge of the topic but never comes to fall, but it remains in perfect exercise maximum efficiency even in the toughest sequences in this type of formula which include the children. Rudd manages to give a touch of his character doing similar work to that last year did Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, but less cartoonish style, even less cartoonish than the character itself Scott Lang in comics. In fact, I think the Scott Lang proposes Rudd is in some ways better than the comics, which has always seemed to me that trying to make him go through a simple variant of Deadpool, especially in his early adventures. Rudd and the film itself remain the essential keys that define the character in comics, but better and giving a stronger personality than looks in comics. 4. That trinity of characters Douglas, Lilly and Rudd, seem more interesting in terms of good dramatic and narrative game provided that Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine or Falcon in Avengers: the Age of Ultron. By this I mean, in my opinion, with Ant-Man Marvel franchise incorporates new weight to his range of characters. 5. The contribution of the secondary characters have successfully avoiding the risks of the topic at the same time cultivating the formula, which is not easy. In the case of the three humorous side buddies Scott Lang gets what based on good administration of humor, getting people that are familiar to the audience in record time, as if they were citizens of a television series. They are the comic relief of the humorous which is very well managed in the case of the main characters. For the villain, which is certainly closer to the topic of the whole film, he is saved because he has a good actor at the controls of the character, Corey Stoll, which certainly fans remember his great work on the first season of House of Cards series. The job playing the antagonist in this film is similar to that of The Strain, without fanfare, without much to hold on from the script, but nonetheless paying great strength and conviction to the character. As for the weaker characters, the ex spouse and new partner of the ex, plus the kid, could have been a hole in the water line of giant size, but no. Bobby Cannavale and Judy Greer, and even the girl, Abby Ryder Fortson, concerned with keeping those characters in one piece firm as rocks. 6. The last strong point: the ants, essentials for the character Ant-Man, are a perfect homage to the original comic, but also pay tribute to a classic, The Incredible Shrinking Man.

All these elements, plus a series of winks, cameos and surprises which of course will not reveal here, convincing me that in the future this Ant-Man can give much game in Marvel movie universe.

Miguel Juan Payán



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