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Aquaman ★★★★

Aquaman ★★★★

Aquaman movie review

One of the best blockbusters of the year and the proof that DC can do very good things.

And no, I do not mean by this that I have changed my mind about other DC movies, I just think that this time they have done something possibly closer to what the public expects from the comics company in movies. It is true that it is superior to Justice League, for example (I do not understand how it may have cost half of the cost of Justice League and it seems that it cost twice as much, although we know all the problems that the shooting of JL had …) and it is even with Wonder Woman, or better certain times. But, above all, it is a perfect Christmas entertainment and a blockbuster as competent as well built.

Perhaps, or rather almost certainly, the key to all this is the presence of James Wan in the directior’s chair, who has managed not only to stay true to many of the visual cues that Zack Snyder contributed in Batman v Superman, Man of Steel or Justice League (the use of slow motion or visual effects, certain moments and color palettes …), but also bring his own personality. Unlike other superhero movies, when you are watching Aquaman you are convinced that James Wan, and only James Wan, could have done this version of the character. It is a film from its director, more than it was Fast & Furious 7, but from that movie, for instance, he recovers the sense of wonder and the rhythm, and form his horror movies … watch the film and you will understand, because Wan knows how to apply a layer of horror to certain moments and characters …

Of course we have to praise the cast headed by Jason Momoa, and it has great side characters and actors as Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Temuera Morrison or a surprising Dolph Lundgren, but above all you have to praise the work of their actresses. Nicole Kidman has a huge importance in the plot and shows that she can continue to star in her own films, without the need for adornments by her side. Her initial action scene is brutal, without giving any details … And above all, Amber Heard. Each time the young actress appears on screen, the movie grows. The chemistry between protagonists is better than the one we saw in Wonder Woman, and although the romance continues being what less contributes to the plot, it is less annoying. Of course, Mera has moments and fights as epic or more than the protagonist himself. Think of the word «wine» when you watch the movie, I’ll leave you with that thought.

Yes, sometimes there is an excess of visual effects, as is logical in these productions. And the villains comply, but they do not stand out too much. It’s not perfect, but no movie is. It is a solid work, with a very well written script, without excesses. It knows how to put humor and knows how to be dark, dramatic and epic when it should be. And also provides visual and even musical details that pay tribute to Star Wars, Blade Runner or Pacific Rim. And if you see it in english you can enjoy Julie Andrews, for example, in a really interesting character. Aquaman is the perfect film for DC to reconcile with part of the audience, and also a clue as to where the franchise could go in Warner… Maybe it’s time to pass the baton to James Wan.

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