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Avengers: Age of Ultron *****

Avengers: Age of Ultron *****It was hard but they have made it even better than the first film.

The makers of film have done what was necessary and reasonable: not to tell the same film. Avengers: Age of Ultron was not make the mistake of many sequels born within the purely commercial exploitation without anything new to say about the original film. On the contrary, it is a different movie. And that’s good. Very good. Told again the same would have been a serious error. Good thing however manage to keep the spirit of the first installment. Maintain the essential keys, and on them build their evolving characters, situations and conflicts creating a product that develop its own personality. And progresses at maturity of the proposal. Avengers: Age of Ultron was very well developed characters presented to us in the first installment. And also surprise the viewer with the development towards maturity of characters apparently secondary to the heavyweights (Iron Man, Thor and Captain America ). Many thought that the surprise would be Vision. That view would be the equivalent of what was pleasantly surprised to Hulk in Avengers. But that would have been too predictable, and the secret of this saga is precisely the ability to surprise. So they wise maneuver to effectively Vision has a very effective prominent and leading role in the outcome of the plot, without necessarily limited to replicate the dramatic key wielded with the character of Hulk in the first installment. Quite the contrary: for this writer the big surprise of this second installment brings the character of Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner, who is who at a certain point becomes dynamo on which the entire second half of the story is articulated as element between the characters. The development of the arc of the character from the first film to the second is a real lesson in how to narrate and bring an argument that began as superhero film to a higher level of dramatic strength. It is the character who best exemplifies the maturity of Avengers: Age of Ultron was against Avengers. Hawkeye is also key to its interaction with the other two great surprise of the second film: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. It would have been very easy to fall into the trap of simply adding more characters to the formula, but Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are not mere ornaments side, do not respond to the collecting greed that is felt in other sagas willing to add characters fill new thinking shelves of toy figures and add merchandising revenue base. Quite the opposite. First, have a very defined role within the overall story of the other characters, and they bring their own personality to it. Have prominence is a difficult task, because the film handles larger number of characters here. But also grab your mark on the whole history and the rest of the characters is not merely anecdotal or accidental is a pleasant surprise. It conveys solidity and maturity with which this project was conceived. The superpower of the Scarlet Witch allowed into the account the dark sides of other Avengers, but through the same features characters and elements that provide greater strength and act as cement to build Marvel Universe continuity in film. It also opens step with subtle elegance to the progress of the role of Hawkeye in the overall plot, setting even step closer links between the main characters that allow give the viewer a more complete picture of them and lay the foundation for the development of superhero team going into the second part of the story and subsequent films. As for Quicksilver, its contribution to the story is more modest, even episodic, but gets more forceful in resolving the same outcome, and also stars in a final associated with Hawkeye in really great transport in their ability to define the goal of humanizing the superheroes who triumphed as a key first delivery and manifests itself even more strongly in the second. This process of humanization also affects characters as Black Widow and Hulk, who earn many points of development in this second film on a basis that recalls the legendary King Kong and with regard to the character of Scarlett Johansson introduces a vision of the past that incorporates essential elements.

That’s one of the great successes of the film: the Avengers are here more human than ever, without ceasing to be superheroes. Moreover, the film manages to seamlessly integrate the elements and key figures for the continuity such as Nick Fury, War Machine, the Falcon, Maria Hill … introduces the landscape of Wakanda giving a very interesting role and hopefully with a view to subsequent development broader Andy Serkis.

In addition to the above, which improves the first, the film includes more epic, more fighting in groups, more action, more «Marvel Universe» and especially that one Ultron absolutely dreadful, exemplary as supervillain and perfectly transferred to celluloid . A great exercise in interpretation of James Spader, who does much more than simply voicing the character. 3D is really complete, accurate, and makes it worthwhile to hold the glasses.

Miguel Juan Payán



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