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Captain America: the Winter Soldier *****

Captain America: the Winter Soldier *****Captain America, the Winter Soldier. The best cine-comic after The Dark Knight and The Avengers. Better than the three films of Iron Man and  the two films of Thor. Very well built in their approaches to film. Mixture of suspense, adventure and science fiction, goes a little beyond the superhero movies to find its own personality as a film project. Movies about superheroes often have excessive dependence language of comics rather than developing its own cinematic language.This is how many of these films were flawed, as Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, the second Hulk… Front of this approach become disarticulated puppet of flat adaptations of the comic film, Marvel began to better target its course with the first Iron Man, culminating this trip in The Avengers, which marked a new standard of quality and aspirations for this type of product of audiovisual entertainment that. After The Avengers seems to start to tip the balance towards the keys to the film, something that clearly evidenced Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 and confirms, for well, beating the previous two clearly, this second installment in the cinematic adventures of Captain America, much better than the first. Considering all the differences between Marvel and DCIt is the same as Chistopher Nolan applied when he started his trilogy on Batman, especially with The Dark Knight. If the Dark Knight was an exercise in film noir that used the universe and characters of the Batman comics for screenplay and presentation to give place to a more complete film and with more identity, maturity and film personality than any other superhero movie we had seen up to that time, now Captain America, the Winter Soldier comes to do the same for the cinematographic Marvel universe. It is more film-comic that comic-cinema. And that’s good. Far from limiting itself to be a mere cinematic illustration comics Ed Brubaker or move comfortably in the shadow of the success of The Avengers, the film embarks on their own way. This develops some of the most interesting keys of The Avengers, with similar display of visual spectacle in regard to action scenes (the assault on the hijacked ship, helicarriers, the epic final battle… are at the height of what proposed us the first installment of The Avengers). In fact it is that closer remains The Avengers film universe, with the world of the SHIELD organization led by Nick fury. But in addition to that the film develops its own identity as a hybrid of film of intrigue, conspiracy, espionage and adventure, with a complex plot that had the ability to give a solid role to Robert Redford, one of the pillars of history, which brings a touch of quality and strength to this plot able to go above and beyond in their conflicts than it is the mere superficial illustration of the world of the superheroes. Thus becomes a reflection on power, freedom, repression and dictatorship, getting something that, frankly, seemed impossible and we have pursued all the good writers who have worked with the character of Captain America comics: bringing the character to a territory less propagandistic, out of the ghetto of the US militaristic postcard to make it interesting even for those who are not, or want to be or feel Americans, simply because we are from another site and have another flag. In other words: the Captain America of this installment is so full of doubts and conflicts as the Christopher Nolan Batman, and that path has ceased to be a simplistic and clamorous flag to become, like the film itself, a much more mature and interesting character. Working with a sense of humor, avoiding the obvious sentimentality and easy, incorporating a collection of winks as the words in the tomb, alluding to a famous title of Quentin Tarantino or without forgetting the inevitable and hitchcokian Stan Lee key cameo appearance Captain America the Winter Soldier, sits with advantage among the best productions of the Marvel practically at the same level than The Avengers. It has a more elaborate script of what is usually seen in this type of product which is sufficiently clever to not renounce to manifest itself as action, although its generic motor is intrigue and espionage movies. It is a very good mix of film about SHIELD and Captain America that fortunately does not have nothing to do with the disappointing series of television SHIELD. It applies the same narrative key to distribution of prominence between side to book the protagonist for the outcome, taking the maximum juice to Nick fury, Black Widow and the Falcon. Not so much to the Agent 13, although the character has two or three very promising key moments for exploitation in the third installment. And used wisely to Robert Redford as a central pillar of all conspiracy intrigue. In addition the antagonist action, the Winter Soldier, and physical is solid as conflict and challenge for the hero, which complements providing greater relief to the Captain America of what got Red Skull in the first installment, well below this film.

Miguel Juan Payán



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