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martes, mayo 21, 2024

Family United ****

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo returns with a sensational comedy in the spirit of Primos​​. And I know it’s not fair to compare the two films that have nothing to do with each other in terms of the plots, personal stories and dramas that arise. Primos ​​was lighter in this regard, lighter in many respects. But the subtle humor, intelligent , surreal and effective is very present, as the attention to detail and the staging of the director, as the sensational interpretations or betting to make a movie with the clear intention to fill movie theatres as Primos ​​did . And with intelligence , human drama and contagious humor.

Who would have thought that Spain would reach the World Cup final ? With that premise the film takes us back to 2010, with a large family in which the little brother is going to get married on the family estate, the day that Spain plays the World Cup final . And the wedding does not go as expected. With that idea begins this complex film about a family, five brothers, and the relationships established between them, those recovering and those that were lost. The reunion that brings out the dirt under the carpet, the fear of loss, loneliness, jealousy, youth … But do not be alarmed, this is a comedy. And, as in real life, the only way to overcome a problem convincingly is with humor.

A humor that revolves around football, sex, family dysfunction (not just the film’s, yours, mine … those of any family ), love … with great subtlety and a surreal point trademark from Daniel’s movies, as that conversation going on continuously between Antonio de la Torre and Roberto Álamo after an incident at his father’s. Or de la Torre’s soccer fan daughter. Or the grandmother. Or everything Roberto Alamo makes. Or Raúl Arévalo’s cameo. Or the cousin at the wedding. Or a surreal accident. Or that wonderful talk to two bands between the two families of the couple when a «terrible» secret is revealed … that starts laughter in the room.

And what a cast. From Quim Gutiérrez to Antonio de la Torre, through Patrick Criado, Roberto Alamo, Veronica Echegui, Hector Colome, Miquel Fernández and Arantxa Martí. I don’t want to forget Sandra Martin, a whirlwind that sweeps where it falls and can be the revelation of the film no doubt . A film with a shocking end, but hopeful , sincere and tender that explains a lot and leaves open the future, life . Although the story of the three youngsters remain somewhat less determined or less convinced me in the end . And all with the World Cup as background, that gave a little joy to our country and also in the film fits like a glove. Again, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo proves he is a sensational filmmaker. Otherwise one of the best films of the year, one of the best comedies, and the best thing to see in theaters this weekend. Because it deserves it . If you liked Primos​​, go for it . And if you like to laugh, too. It won’t dissapoint you.

Jesus Usero .


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