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Justin and the Knights of Valour ***

A vibrant and animated  knight tale and family adventure. If a year ago we praise the work and the good doing of those responsible for Tadeo Jones, this September we can similarly celebrate the arrival of Justin, a Spanish film that can compete at most levels with any foreign production and further having Antonio Banderas as a producer and also giving his voice to a character . It is a product of adventures , intelligent in its approach, simple and well prepared to start the biggest smiles and entertain the little ones. And we hope it has the same success that Tadeo Jones had, of course.

A young man who dreams of being a knight in a kingdom in which law firms have filled the streets, to the point of making complicated to protest about a piece of bread, or having a pet (by the way that criticism of our own world is there and is as simple as effective ). Even the knights are banished. So when the threat looms over the kingdom, perhaps the only chance they have is that of young and inexperienced Justin. He will face tough training, peculiar dragons, a brat princess, tin knights, waitresses with character and a villain really dangerous. And if we should say that the film is made ​​by almost any American or European study (except for Pixar ), we could believe it perfectly .

Gradually the animation industry based in Spain is improving and Justin is the proof. The technique and technology improves, the camera movements become more risky and bald, the projected market increases … until the point that Manuel Sicilia film has in its cast English names like Freddie Highmore, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Strong , Julie Walters , Rupert Everett , Alfred Molina , Charles Dance and Tamsin Egerton . In addition to Antonio Banderas , of course. And in Spanish we have Inma Cuesta giving life to the waitress Talia. All of it for a story full of humor, but also adventures. And humor often devoted to parents (the magician mix of Gollum and Carlos Jesus … yes , yes, Ganymede… a joke made just for Spanish audience, but a great one) and the references from Excalibur to The Lord of the Rings. Keeps the kids entertained but also convinces adults with humor, sometimes just great.

Maybe it has a part that it’s less entertaining, the burden of the characters through a story that during a stretch is somewhat slow and hard to digest until the action and adventure return to the fray. With pure surrealistic characters ( Sota , the little monk , magician Melquiades … ) that are hard to forget . And when they are not surreal, they are charming (Talia, Justin, the grandmother, Heraclio when he is the villain…) It is not perfect because the Spanish animated film industry continues to grow and has these little bumps of pace. But can compete with anyone and will delight fans of adventure films or knights movies.

Jesus Usero.


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