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Thor, the Dark World ****

Thor, the dark world . Better than Thor, I like more that Iron Man 3 and is more closer to The Avengers.
This second film about Thor has the most clear about his identity as Marvel product. Put another way: it is closer to the comics in all its aspects. Thor the dark world has great ability to manage its various characters at different stages of the story, which was undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of The Avengers and is a defining characteristic of superhero comics in Marvel. In these superheroes themselves are certainly key players, but they are never the only protagonists. That is why first we see Loki, before jumping to a moment that makes clear that Thor the dark world is much closer to the Marvel of the previous film: the battle in Vannaheim. That’s where it starts to become clear that Sif will have greater weight in the plot, like the fellow warriors of the protagonist. That epic opening sets the tone of the rest of the film, skillfully blending elements of Sword and Sorcery stories and the adventure genre with science fiction. Also makes it clear that we have a vision of the Marvel universe in film perfectly blended with the narrative strategies of exploitation film and comics that publisher applied in The Avengers. Total continuity extends both visual joke between Thor and Loki in the middle of the film in cameo key of another character as the first post -credit fragment which makes it quite clear what the topic and the villain of The Avengers two. The continuity that takes as epicenter of the Marvel universe in The Avengers is probably what he wanted the producer when he changed the author of the music of the film proposed by the director for Brian Tyler, Iron Man 3 composer. Another element of continuity of the keys that led to the success of The Avengers is found in the use of humor. After the start in Asgard with the «gods», the story enters the Earth and humans providing the most humorous to the argument , before converting to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman ) again on the bridge between the world of Thor and our planet while in a kind of variant of Alice in Wonderland happens on the other side of the mirror.
Thor, the dark world  has a more interesting place for Loki, and a conflict that gives more play than traditional encounter between protagonist and antagonist. In this movie, Loki is confirmed as the most interesting villain in the Marvel universe transferred to film. Besides the dark elves are stronger and have more personality than ice giants of the first film. Faced with the first installment, it has more action sequences ( the battle of Vannaheim , dungeons, attack Asgard, the final showdown … ), leverages a mission impossible to Thor and his warriors in the group’s operating line of characters, each with their time of prominence. Moreover, the film exhibits a great ability to provide information with a single shot to comic strip mode (Thor , Odin , Frigga and Jane Foster in Asgard after attack). And to complete the work closes its plot with a spectacular battle and a final cliffhanger. Perfect cliffhanger. The script moves more freely and rhythm in the first delivery once present in that the characters , the actors are more comfortable in their roles, Hiddleston has completely dominated his role as Loki and their sequences with Hemsworth playing Thor are better than the first installment . All cast members take advantage of better use of their characters in the script: Stellan Skarsgaard and his brief but hilarious role as comic relief, or Idris Elba enlivening the more epic key role as Heimdall , or Kat Dennings as the sparkling fellow of Jane …
Notice : we must stay until the end of all the credits to know the real outcome of this story. Besides the wink in advance for upcoming Marvel projects, this is the first film ending dramatic arc of his argument after the end credits.

For 3D it or not, I think this is one of those times when you should pay the premium for the burden of constant action is proposed in the argument. Thor the dark world has more action and more sustained than any other film produced by Marvel, but the Avengers. And really in the battle scenes makes full use of the 3D application.
Miguel Juan Payán


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