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Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★ review

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★ review

Review of the movie Wonder Woman 1984

Somewhere inside it, there is a great movie, which never comes out.

      There are two culprits, mainly. The first one, the film has a very poor script, with elements that really take you out of the plot, such as the romantic story, and that makes it have too much footage, and, second, a somewhat sloppy visual aspect, which goes from rather discreet visual effects, when not bad, to action scenes much less shocking and exciting than in the first movie. Wonder Woman 1984 seems above all interested in showing us the romance between the protagonists (again) in the simplest, childish and boring way possible. That makes her many great things, which it has, shine much less. And make the film never achieve the glory that its predecessor did.

      Obviously set in 1984, the film opens with a wonderful prologue in Themyscira, with some very particular Olympic games, and from that exceptional starting point, we now turn to 1984, where Diana tries to maintain her double life as a worker in a museum, and as a crime-fighting superhero. But with great regret in her heart. That is why the unexpected return of someone from her past upsets her with force, to the point of not understanding the danger she faces from two new villains who together could end civilization as we know it.

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★ review

      Gal Gadot continues to prove that she is the perfect choice as Wonder Woman, as she gets better as an actress, although this time she has a very difficult rival. The script. A script that takes more care of its villains, especially Kristen Wiig. The movie improves a lot when she or Pedro Pascal are on frame. Both are better presences than the villain from the first installment. Although the script turns Chris Pine into a simple ornament and it never never takes advantage of him. With a romantic relationship between the protagonists childish, repetitive and often boring, as I said before. What causes that when the important moments arrive they lose strength. And those moments come in one of the best sections of the film, the sequence in The White House. It is a pity that it doesn’t follow that path and then falls back into another of those moments that do not work.

      The script is a drag that takes more than an hour to start. The action sequences come too late and are too erratic. The visuals, especially when she runs or jumps, are often lackluster, and the good work of the cast fades. The movie is too long. And it is because it is too interested in romance and not in the central plot. It has tributes to the Wonder Woman television series or Batman v Superman, but they are insufficient. It does not have the force of the previous one. Good ideas fade or are lost. There are too many details in the plot that are too clumsy (the jet fighter, the visit to the White House… Although the later ends greatly) and it never finishes taking advantage of the enormous potential that that great handful of scenes show it had. The first film is much better.

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Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★ review


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