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martes, febrero 27, 2024

G.I. Joe Retaliaton ***

G.I. Joe Retaliaton ***

G.I.Joe, retaliaton. Entertaining. An escapism that will appeal to fans of the Hasbro figures.

The first thing to clarify about this movie is that in my rating is around two and a half, more than three stars. It is very different from the previous adaptation of GI Joe. The first was a touch large-scale epic unfolding through world, but had a more dispersed script pace, less compact than this. G.I. Joe Retaliaton has on the other hand a more limited budget, but in my opinion the best uses. The level of entertainment that can be achieved with both is similar. And if I put the two in balance, I have to admit that it has convinced me more than the first in terms of its construction, 3D view has a few spectacular scenes, especially the attack on the monastery fortress in the mountains and fight later. In the previous film whole flashback Channing Tatum’s character and his relationship with Baroness played by Sienna Miller along with the flashback of past Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes made me very heavy, slowed the film, breaking the rhythm. In this there is nothing of that. It is more dynamic in its presentation of characters and situations develop (an example is the simple way to reveal the motivation and conflict Lady Jaye’s character, played by Adrianne Palicki, with his father and then solve it with its association with the character of General Joe Colton played by Bruce Willis, flowing and entertaining, no flashback). In that endeavor to present and handle so many characters at once the first installment of GI Joe reminded me more of the first adaptation of the video game Street Fighter which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, with whom he had many faults in common. So I think that this second film builds its plot more solid, without so many variations of pace and better controlling your footage. That makes it a true entertainment, not bored, maximun action and minimun dramatic development. A product of unashamedly escapist cinema.

From that point of view I can not fault. Yes, I think that the followers of the figures, comics and animated series GI Joe would have appreciated, as I do, a little more continuity between the two films. I mean, do not reappear briefly or even any mention characters like Destro (which are removed from above a somewhat facile in the maximum security prison), Baroness (essential visual hook and an engine distribution of the first installment that is missing and has no equivalent in the second, even with the spectacular appearance of Adrianne Palicki in the red dress), or Scarlett played by Rachel Nichols, leaves a void too big between the two films.

However once said that, and stressing that the construction I think is more solid than the first, this new G. I. Joe incorporates other curious elements that provide good tone to set. The best thing about the film is curiously interesting as the character and the narrative more unexpected area to excel in this type of project, the role played by President Jonathan Pryce, which assumes great importance in the story, also becomes the better connecting element or continuity between the two films and also has some funny moments, with Pryce enjoy this double role of Zartan (shared with Arnold Vosloo almost totally absent whose contribution is little more than a cameo). Pryce and was practicing as a Bond villain, the highlight of Tomorrow Never Dies, but there was more content here and tied more short. Serving as false president can unleash at will in a black humor which also accompanies Ray Stevenson as Firefly. I think Pryce as Zartan is a character best advantage of all the gallery that displays this second film GI Joe, while I think other characters, like Firefly, Flint or Jinx, not take them much game as they should. His contribution to the whole is rather episodic, even below the onset of the ubiquitous short but forceful Walton Goggins as warden of the maximum security prison, having all that weight he gives to his cameos and brief appearances this remarkable actor who we found recently gaining prominence in the series Justified, in Lincoln and Django Unchained. I find it significant that the two characters less identifiable as part of the gallery of the figures of warriors and variants GI Joe, are those moments of prominence better built around the story.

Special mention deserves the character of Bruce Willis, which works well, and this is why I would have liked to see more screen time, with more involvement in the story. The one is slightly wider than their contributions to the saga of The Expendables, but not for many minutes.
Another downside that I have to give the movie is that still endeavoring to waste the choreography of the battle scenes. The fights are confusing because they are fitted with many cuts, but also because the camera is not at times where it should be to make the most of those clashes. A pity, because there are pretty amazing things in the choreography of the characters Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Jinx. I also find it significant that it is the scene of the attack and escape the monastery in the mountains the most looks not only in 3D but the choreography of the fighting, I suspect because of its association with a significant deployment of computer visual effects.

All told, the film has entertained me enough, is a worthy proposal escapist cinema and I aim to see a third installment.

Miguel Juan Payán


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