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Halloween ★★★★

Halloween ★★★★

Halloween 2018 Review Movie

Finally, the tribute that the original film needed and deserved. The father of all the slasher films as we know them, Michael Myers who appeared in the seminal film Halloween by John Carpenter, is finally recognized as such in a film that makes him, for the new audience, the mythical figure that he has always been, or at least that he should be. Maybe some forgot about it, giving more importance to Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, but Myers is the father of them all, in the same way that Norman Bates was the grandfather. No, I did not forget about Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s just that, that movie was not a slasher, it was another type of horror cinema, essential in the same way, but it is not the same type of cinema. Although it presented a similar type of masked villain.

One of the great creative successes of the film directed by David Gordon Green, comes from the script, which is also from Green himself along with his usual partner, Danny McBride. Two writers who come from the comedy, who have worked together in series such as Eastbound and Down or Vice Principals, but who here have taken the story completely seriously, endowing the characters with a dramatic depth that did not have any of the sequels. Joining them was John Carpenter himself, who has produced the film and has worked with McBride and Green since the beginning, as well as collaborating on the soundtrack of the film with his son Cody Carpenter.

The film features Jamie Lee Curtis repeating the role that gave her fame, Laurie Strode, the real protagonist of the story, wonderful protagonist of the story. The script forgets all the sequels, to make this film a direct continuation to the 1978 movie, showing the terrible consequences for Laurie and those who are in her life. A monster that created another monster. And that’s why the journey of the character is so interesting, because for the first time maybe since 1978, we care about their destiny. This is a slasher film with a soul, with a story to tell and with characters that support that story, who are not simply victims. Those responsible for the film know it and take advantage of it. Nor do they make the mistake of trying to explain too much certain things…

What David Gordon Green does is direct with an impeccable, wonderful, brilliant visual style. From the first instants of the film, making all the iconic moments of the original movie, a mandatory stop in this one, but with a small twist. And making the tension grow step by step, from the very first steps, with hardly any scare jumps, simply making the tension grow, taking us to an end in which we cling to the chair waiting for the resolution. It is the best film that the genre has given us in many, many years, and one of the best in its history. A film that is almost equal to the original film.

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