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Sinister ***

Sinister ***

Sinister lives of the mixture and references. It lives in the world of self-citation of the horror genre in all its variants.

We present the following key Paranormal Activity with images of murder filmed in Super 8, the formula continues entering the serial murderer and summoning echoes of Red Dragon, tour into the bowels of the paranormal in Amityville Horror-style homes , and before we know it we are deeply involved in a plot reminiscent of Kubrick’s The Shining, especially the situation of its protagonist. All served with scares that revolve around music beats and sound. Playing well with the dismissal of the public as the main tool to keep our interest. And introducing a curious variant application of flashback through the images of murder style home movies filmed with a visual style The Blair Witch Project.

Sinister festival is presented as a reference, a puzzle that plays various clubs and working on a construction background or everyday elements with terrifying significance, as the super-8 home movies, pictures of the girl, the computer screen. The director manages to make the most of even a mower and a cardboard box where objects have traveled the protagonist family move.

His vagueness argument is not a bug, but a tool topical and predictable, but also quite functional, to keep an eye on what is happening on the screen. Maybe not so much for fear of what might happen to the protagonists, who are increasingly more to remind us of The Shining, and because we strive to figure out what kind of story you want to tell us the film eventually and what key the many forms of narrate what is disturbing horror films we place ourselves.

Jumping well from the police to the intrigue, suspense at the unsettling, disturbing as sinister and uncanny to the terrifying, the film gives us a kind of tour of almost all possibilities, tricks and wields topics horror films today, including pre-Christian Satanism. So if in principle somehow reissues Red Dragon, that first vicissitudes of Dr. Hannibal «The Cannibal» Lecter, changing criminal profiler for expert novelist investigate unsolved crimes, has the guile to change the formula of The Shining when clichés and generic platitudes accumulation begins to accrue on the first formula to make it impracticable … and begins to exploit the keys more sinister formula applied in the Kubrick film.

In this sense the narrative construction of the film reminded me of Tarzan the Ape jumping from one vine to another. Grab a formula until exhausted, and then jump to the next to do so. This procedure, which may sound easy but it is not at all, is clearly and fully commercial opportunist, but requires a steady hand to keep the pace of the story, and certainly Sinister boasts that good pulse. You will not have anything new or anything real in it, but as a way to entertain from fear without bringing anything new to the genre, just exploiting what we have seen many times, certainly deserves the prize of our attention and interest. It is indeed a film to analyze as a mechanism of overexploitation of the topics getting the best results to be expected considering that really has nothing new to offer.

It referred to the deal, the effectiveness is imposed on all components, but certainly all rests on the shoulders of its star, Ethan Hawke, who spends the movie trying to give a personal touch to a character sewn topics and traveling from the one played by William Petersen or Edward Norton in either adaptations of the novel Red Dragon and the character of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Considering the repetitive nature of his character, I think Hawke does a better job than some can get by selling warn that troubled writer harassed and handled like a puppet by the monstrous threat of history. This work along with an end unceremoniously and crude, are the two factors that have led me to put three stars to this topic completely terror exercise but get some scares and concerns grow surely satisfy the most fans of the genre. I like to have the guts to impose this ultimate shear.

As for the threat, I can not say much about the monster in question without gutting the argument to the reader, so that attention to who has not yet seen the film, announced that after these lines I will reveal a spoiler. Made the announcement, here we go … NOT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN YET AND DO NOT WANT TO KNOW SINISTER A REVELATION OF ARGUMENT.

The main problem is that the film has more sooner or later have to deal with the revelation of the true identity of the threat. It’s the moment of truth. The turning point of the whole story. And when it comes, I think it’s a way out as good as any to accompany the rest of the topics that make up the film. I actually caused some hilarity think that this year we have had the opportunity to see in The Possession a version of The Exorcist changing Catholic demonology and exorcism by demons and exorcisms Jews as unique display of originality. So you see how the ultimate threat from Sinister is a Babylonian demon made me think how far the writers think back to when seeking supernatural threats in the history of human religions before noses den and if arrivals caves on that journey of finding religious terrors of our ancestors will go beyond the Homo sapiens sapiens dating back to supernatural fears of Australopithecus, which might be even more interesting than the demons that we offer are proposing horror films in recent times.

Miguel Juan Payán


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