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viernes, febrero 23, 2024

The Avengers *****


Amazing, epic and brilliantly directed comic-book movie. Joss Whedon has made one of the greatest action movies of the year, teaming a bunch of superheroes that works more like a dysfunctional family than like a group. And it works. It really works. It’s one of these movies that have all the ingredients mixed so perfectly that when the end credits come you want to see the movie again. I have to admit that, even being a huge fan of the previous Whedon’s work, I was somehow scared that his talent was lost in the making of a huge blockbuster movie with so many stars and so many marketing interests. But he proves to be the right director (and writer) for this movie.

First of all, Whedon knows the characters. He has worked for Marvel as a writer for many years, and you can tell he knows how to make the characters work, alone and together (you have never seen the Hulk you see in this movie, for instance). And Whedon has a great experience with teams as a screen writer, not only in Buffy, his most popular TV show, but also in Angel and Firefly. In fact, when the final battle comes in The Avengers, I remembered the last episode of Angel, one of the best of the show, and one that was truly epic. Like this movie.

The movie knows how to manage the little tidbits of information that have been lurking around for years in the Marvel films. It opens with the “small” characters, Nick Fury and Hawkeye, and introduces Maria Hill to the audience. Then it goes to the Black Widow and even the new Hulk. By the time the movie presents the most known characters, you already care for the others. It’s a perfect play and makes sense. And makes more sense with the villain, when Loki becomes a force of evil and not the whining brother we had seen on Thor.

The cast, of course, is excellent. Not only the stars, the ones that had had a previous movie like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans or, of course, Robert Downey Jr. Mark Ruffalo makes a real improvement to prior Bruce Banners. Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Renner have some amazing moments, and Scarlett Johansson shines with a bunch of unforgettable scenes. It may sound as a joke, but it is a real assemble cast. Everyone seems to have a perfect moment to shine in the last battle. A battle you will remember for years. A battle that really comes from the pages of a comic-book.

And then you have the sense of humor. You will laugh, I can guarantee that. Hard. And if you don’t believe me, just remember, Thor, Hulk and Loki. The Avengers has the magic of the really great summer movies. It works like The Dark Knight worked for DC years ago. As a masterpiece. Combining sci-fi, action, humor and epic with a flawless script and a director that has a great story to tell. And knows how to tell it. When the movie ends, you will crave for more Avengers. Let’s hope Joss Whedon takes charge of another one. Nuff said…

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