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The Expendables 2 ****

The Expendables 2 ****

Bigger, louder and funnier than the previous movie. The boys are back in town for a second ride, and this time they have brought some friends. Some people will dislike this movie because it’s too action packed, too loud and is not an intellectual or philosophical flick. Well, that’s why we are going to love it. The Expendables was a movie full of 80’s and 90’s action movie stars that remind us a way of making movies at that time that seems nowadays lost. And it did it with style and an ironic sense of humor, a fun summer movie full of blood, laughs and action stars. But there were some things that didn’t were so right. The action sequences were a bit chaotic, so most of the time you couldn’t see the punches in a fight.

This time Sylvester Stallone has left the director chair to Simon West and the change has worked perfectly. Now The Expendables 2 comes to our theatres and it has learned from previous mistakes to make a big action show, full of laughs and parody, where everyone involved seems ready to make fun of themselves, were the action, the bullets and the blood fill the screen, and where our heroes have some of the funniest moments we can see in a movie this year. As I said, maybe some critics don’t get it, but the crowd is going to clap, laugh and have a wonderful time, remembering his old heroes, that still can kick ass.

If anyone is wondering about the story of the movie, it is as simple as it gets. After a superb action scene that starts the movie, and the jokes, Stallone and his guys are out looking for payback. Why loose time with a story who nobody cares, when the audience is looking for action and laughs? So must the filmmaker think, and that is what he gives us. He and of course Stallone, who is the father of this great idea, has very clear that this is a parody, a big great joke about this actors and their movies, and the audience rides along with this idea, laughs, claps and you even feel you want to stand up and give these guys an ovation some times.

Every one of them has his moment in the movie. No matter if you are a Stallone fan, a Van Damme fan or a Statham fan. Even the less important characters, like Jet Li, who is in the movie for a very short amount of time, or Dolph Lundgren, or the “cameos” like Willis or Chuck Norris (which has some of the best jokes and killings of the movie with his Lone Wolf style) have some great moments. Funny, parody moments, with great one-liners that are going to make the crowd laugh insanely. And the final battle, Stallone vs. van Damme, come on, who doesn’t want to see this fight in a movie for the last 30 years? The Expendables 2 knows its place, knows how to please the audience and give it the movie they (we) are waiting for. And it makes us wish for a third movie.

Jesús Usero



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