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Venom review ★★★

Venom review ★★★

Film review Venom

It is not what we expected, for better and worse. For days we have been receiving different information about what we were going to find in Venom, the film starring Tom Hardy and directed by Ruben Fleischer. Some said it would be the worst movie of the year. It is not the worst movie of the year, nor the best one. It is a mixture of brilliant and mediocre ideas, of genius themes and love for the comic books, with blockbuster needs for all audiences. Because the movie does not have R category, so the audience will be higher in numbers (or so they think), but we will also see less blood on screen. And Venom’s character needed that blood to make the movie that fans have been demanding for years.

The story is quite generic. It is a film about the origin of the character, a violent antihero with an obsession to protect the innocent ones. And very linked to Spiderman in the comics, because the symbiote was linked to Peter Parker before Eddie Brock, the character played by Tom Hardy, was. The film dodges that bullet, giving an origin closer to the animation series of the nineties, and allows the character to be free to create his own destiny without living pending what Spiderman does or does not do. It is one of the better things of the film. But Venom also has huge errors that damage the final result of it. Some are casting errors that seem incomprehensible, like Michelle Williams.

Although it may not seem like it, the actress is the worst of the cast. Williams has been nominated five times for the Oscar, so it does not seem logical, but it’s true. Riz Ahmed composes a topical villain, but with a sinister point. The star of course is Tom Hardy. His loser character and his combination with Venom are the soul of the movie. It respects completely the essence of the comic book, but also adds a point of black humor very, very funny. Just to see how Venom and Eddie discuss, like an odd couple, it’s worth watching the movie. And, by the way, Venom does not appear only five minutes on screen. It is the center of the story and we can enjoy it for many minutes.

Venom is not perfect, but it is very entertaining. If its visual effects are not magnificent, his black and perverse humor makes up for it. If its action scenes abuse the CGI, its B-series tone makes us not worryat all. The film takes off as soon as the symbiote makes an appearance, and its rhythm continues to grow until the end, perhaps not a great ending, but very enjoyable. There are also two post-credit scenes, the first essential (and it makes us wonder if they will be able to make that movie in the future) and the second one… well, it’s better to let the audience discover it. I am sure that, despite what many say, Venom will become a cult movie, and I can’t stop thinking about the possible sequel, with all the possibilities offered by the story they have presented now.

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