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First Man ★★★★★

First Man ★★★★★

First Man Review Movie

One of the best movies of the year, without a doubt.

Damian Chazelle returns after La La Land, to surprise us, completely changing tone and style, to offer us a film with personality, with a sensational force and with Ryan Gosling who is a candidate for all the awards from this moment on. The film will be nominated in many categories, without a doubt, but that should not make us forget what is really important. That First Man is a fantastic movie, a story disguised as a biopic that turns into an epic adventure and that leaves us the taste of the great cinema. Script, acting, direction … the film has all the necessary elements to stand out. And if Gosling stands out, do not miss what Claire Foy does with her character…

The story takes us to the beginning of the 60s, with the space race in the background, and the role of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set a foot on the moon, as the protagonist of it. He and his wife, played by Foy, are at the center of the plot that Chazelle tells us. An epic story, of overcoming, one of those that are said to be bigger than life. But at the same time it is an intimate story. In fact that is one of his great successes, that aspect of closeness, of human drama defined by an initial event that is never lost sight of throughout history. Something that is the heart of the story, that its characters always carry with them.

Of course, without exaggerating it. Damian Chazelle lets the spectator follow its path, along with the characters. It does not force us to cry with dramatic excesses. He does not want to cheat us. Chazelle excites us because he knows how to contain himself and he knows how to make the characters who will excite us with their actions. The space race is one of the most important moments in the history of humanity, especially with the arrival to the moon, and the film knows how to make that moment not lose even a bit of epic, spectacular and emotion for the adventure. But always from that close, intimate, personal point of view. He makes his characters great from the smallest, from the smallest and simplest details. As a real master.

The film is almost two and a half hours long, that pass in a sigh, because the talent of the director, a chameleon behind the cameras, is enormous and he knows how to build the story so that we are passionate about it. Always with the point of view of their characters, always with those short shots, that make us see what the characters, experience what they do… And with that photography that evolves at times, from that beginning in the sixties, to that final journey so wonderfully shot. Making us feel inside the space rocket itself. And always giving great importance to music, emotional link for the characters and also for the viewer. It is wonderful and shows that Chazelle is one of the best American directors of the moment. A little great masterpiece.

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Jesús Usero
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