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Review Birds of Prey ★★★★

Review Birds of Prey ★★★★

Review of the movie Birds of Prey

A new twist in the superhero movies genre. Funny, different and full of action.

A very pleasant surprise after a couple of trailers that did not make us foresee that what was to come was a very round film, very intelligent and with a lot of potential to exploit in the universe of these characters in the future. The film has several responsible persons in that regard. Director Cathy Yan, screenwriter Christina Hodson and Margot Robbie, not only in her role as Harley Quinn, queen of the film (not pun intended), but also producer of the film. Although I especially want to mention the role of Hodson, screenwriter who has already given a lot of dignity to the Transformers saga with Bumblebee and now writes a whole and, to some extent, complex film. The movie has a script…

A script that involves the search for a diamond and the breakup of Harley Quinn with the Joker, so that a group of characters launch themselves in search of that diamond and the hunt for Harley, which leads to a crossroads between characters that will serve as the birth of the group Birds of Prey. Although the group is a small part of the film and it is actually a Harley Quinn movie, where all the other characters are guests. It is not a narrative problem and it is even appreciated, although in the future, already knowing them, it would be interesting that they had a greater weight in the plot or even that they were the absolute protagonists of the story and that the path of Harley Quinn was another one. The plot, of course, is very close to that of any Harley Quinn comic book.

Review Birds of Prey ★★★★

Margot Robbie is the absolute queen, as I said, although she is very well accompanied. Special mention to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, of course, in her role as The Huntress, Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz and a very pleasant surprise, that of Jurnee Smollet-Bell, whose character is one of the worst treated by the script, but of the better defended by an actress who brings a great physical presence, a magnificent talent and a very good version of Black Canary. Even when his arrival in the movie slows the plot a bit with his late flashback. On the other side is Ewan McGregor, whose character has less life than others. It is not the fault of the actor who defends it with mastery. The script in this case does not know how to make the most of the character.

The film has a fragmented and chaotic narrative that at times can remind of Deadpool (another small problem, that the movie is to similar, from time to time, to Deadpool), and makes continuous jumps back and forth. And it is consistent because in the mind of Harley Quinn, our narrator, it is. Brilliant way to show us the chaos inside her head. The action scenes are masterful, and have some of the best choreographies of recent times, by the person responsible for them in John Wick, John Wick 3, Deadpool 2 or Aquaman. But they invite you to want to see more action films by Cathy Yan, with her magnificent soundtrack, her colorful photography … A very good film of this genre that also takes advantage of the R category and what it allows …

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Review Birds of Prey ★★★★


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